Nicholas Peterson-Davis

Nicholas Peterson-Davis

Nick Peterson-Davis was born in 1958 and grew up in Maumee, Ohio. As he describes it, “I grew up with loving parents and siblings, hard work, and lots of play. I have always loved nature and art and as a child thought one day, I would be a professional artist.


“For much of my young adult life I worked in restaurants but ultimately became a registered nurse. In 2018, after 25 years, I retired from nursing to focus on creating art and spending time with my husband Steve and our kids.


“The subject for my paintings are a culmination of a lifetime of experiences and love of

nature. Applying various oil painting technique and employing a good deal of imagination, I create dynamic paintings with the sole intention of elevating the moment. In my 60’s now, I have a stable home, a beautiful art studio, and time dedicated to painting.


“I am a professional oil artist. A joyous dream come true.”


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