Carlos Porras

Carlos Porras

Carlos Eduardo Porras Mujica was born in April 1986 in Merida Venezuela, a small university town, among the mountains began Carlos’s first artistic expressions embodied at his parent’s house walls. Constantly leaving evidence of colors and shapes everywhere.


His passion and dedication for art has grown and became better over time. Mainly using environmentally friendly acrylic paints and using mixed techniques with brushes, spatulas and even his hands on canvas, Carlos develops abstracts artworks expressing colors to stimulate senses and go deep in emotions, he also paints Safari series in order to create awareness on preservation of natural life, keeping a close relation with animals like giraffes and elephants. In his artwork, happy and vivid colors can be perceived. “Illuminate and give brightness to dark moments of societies and the world is what I want to convey with my art” express Carlos.


Carlos has been invited to several exhibitions at his hometown Merida, creator of "The afternoon of painting", and 2019 have been a great year for showing his artworks, participating in expos in New York, Florence, Milan and Tokyo and also being represented by a gallery in NYC. Carlos is considered an altruistic and sensitive person by his friends and is looking forward to get to the public with his emotions expressed.

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